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    The Best Butt Plug – The Perfect First Sex Toy

    Butt plugs are sex toys used to stimulate the anal nerve endings. Their are thousands of these potential pleasure nerves in and around our anus that we can use to our advantage. They are typically all similar in size and shape, with a flared base for easy retrieval. Unlike vaginas the rectum is quite long. If you love a toy up their you may be in for an embarrasing trip to the hospital. Butt plugs are the key to unlocking the anal orgasm.

    The Lovehoney Butt Tingler(as pictured below) is my personal favorite butt plug. I believe it to be the best butt plug in the world. It’s inexpensive, silicone, and vibrates. I found it at Friendlyhostility.com. FriendlyHostility has a ton of great information about butt plugs and other sex toys.

    Different Types and Styles of Butt Plugs

    There are so many different types of butt plugs. Some are better for beginners, some are great for advanced users, and others fall somewhere in-between. No matter your preference and experience, there is a plug out there that will suit you perfectly!

    • Jeweled Butt Plugs
    • Tailed Butt Plugs
    • Vibrating Butt Plugs

    Butt Plugs to Avoid

    There are certain materials you should avoid when buying a butt plug. Avoid anything made with rubber or plastics is a great rule of thumb. Stick to silicone, glass, or stainless steel.

    The problem with plastics or rubber is they are both porous materials. I don’t want to overbore you with science but that basically means that bacteria can and will hide and grow inside your toy. Your sex toy will begin to break down on a microscopic level. It will smell strange and may even feel slightly strange. Every time you use the butt plug you will be transferring this bacteria from the plug into your rectum. Not good.

    That’s why silicone toys are the way to go. Silicone is non-porous so bacteria won’t be able to grow. The price tag is usually more expensive, but well worth the added cost.

    How To Use a Butt Plug

    1. Use a generous amount of lube on yourself and your toy. Unlike the vagina, the rectum has no natural lubrication. Going in with no lube could lead to painful insertion and removal.
    2. Get yourself in a comfortable and safe position. You’re about to stick something up your butt, you don’t want your nosy roommate to barge in at the wrong moment!
    3. Insert the plug and find find a position that comfortable for you. Most plugs are thin and small and can be easily worn around the house or while out for a stroll.
    4. That’s it! You’ve done it. Now get to orgasaming!

    The Prostate Orgasm – Men Only

    The prostate is a small gland of the male reproductive system. It produces a fluid that makes up roughly 30% of the volume of semen. It can be found about 2 inches(varies slightly man to man) inside the rectum, facing the front of the body.

    The prostate is sensitive to touch and can be stimulated through the rectum at the P-spot(similar to the g-spot). Massaging the p-spot while orgasm occurs can create a hilariously large seminal fluid explosion and take the orgasm to new heights.

    Some men can even cum from a p-spot massage. Neat trick!

    Unfortunately, many men will go there whole lives without achieving prostate orgasm due to the stigma of having something up their ass.

    Staying Clean and Safe

    Cleanliness is super important, doubly so when it involes inserting something into your body cavity. Poor hygeine can lead to a smelly toy and in rare cases, could lead to an infection. If you share the butt plug, it could even lead to STI transfers.

    Enough with the scare tactics. You’re cleaning routine will depend on the material of your toy. Glass and silicone butt plugs are super simple to clean. You can use any soap and warm water to get the job done.

    Final Thoughts

    The key to having a good anal orgasm is patience, relaxation, and a good toolkit(butt plug). Don’t rush it, use lube, and try to find that perfect spot that feels good in all the right places!